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Rick Adams

General Manager

With a wealth of experience spanning various roles, I have honed my expertise in the mining and engineering sector. Filling various roles from operations management, estimation and the supervision of OEM projects with major OEM’s and contracting companies.

My qualifications include Fitting and Machining Trade, Maintenance and Frontline Management, along with specialized training from renowned entities like Shell, Rio Tinto and Komatsu. I've spearheaded crucial initiatives such as implementing quality assurance processes and driving change for enhanced workshop efficiency.

As an adept project manager, I've overseen dragline and rope shovel shutdowns, mining truck upgrade projects, mining truck body assembly and supply, and handled sales and business development. My recent involvement with Minetec SA underscore my proficiency in technical consultation and collaboration. I've orchestrated effective management of GET commodities for Komatsu Australia, optimizing inventory, budgets, and support teams.

My product expertise extends to heavy equipment repairs management, ground engaging tools, attachments, dragline rigging and more, demonstrating my prowess in sales, technical support, and site management. I've excelled in warehousing, product design, and forging impactful supplier agreements.

Throughout my journey, I've consistently championed operational excellence, fostering growth, efficiency, and innovation

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