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Asset Management Consulting

PMP delivers Asset Management expertise, tools and training for Mining & Processing operators to get the best out of their Assets and ERP system from Acquisition through to Disposal.

Forecasting, value analysis, specification, technical assessments

Disposal – Forecasting, value analysis, technical assessments

Forecasting, value analysis, technical assessments

Excel (macros & power query)
Power BI, Python

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (SAP & Pulse) maintenance master data configuration

Operational Readiness
Tactics Development (FMECA), Preventative Maintenance checklists, BOMs, Organisational structure, ERP maintenance setup

Operating Practises
Work Management, Shutdown Management, Reliability, Hydrocarbons, Rotables Management, Metrics, Reporting etc

Optimising Operation
Resource analysis, Gap Analysis, Productivity Improvement, Constraint Resolution

PMP Asset Management programs:

  • Promote Growth

  • Develop and execute innovative strategies

  • Build competitive operations

  • Highlight what makes your business sustainable.

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