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Requirements from end users


  • Market Analysis and distribution chains

  • Technical specifications

  • Manufacturing standards

  • Define Objectives


  • Manufacturer's identification

  • Capacity assessment

  • Risk evaluation

  • Cost analysis

  • Negotiation

  • Critical requirements


  • Manufacturing samples

  • Trials and lab tests

  • Factory audit and certification

  • Technical validation with the client

  • Define control and management processes


  • Field tests

  • Distribution & logistics chain

  • Quality – QA / QC

  • Project management

  • Commercial development

  • Registration of supplier

  • PO award


  • Fit-for-purpose communication with the client

  • Strategic alliances

  • Monitoring outcomes

  • Reporting

  • Continuous improvement

Requirements from suppliers


  • Market Analysis and distribution chains

  • Technical specifications

  • Manufacturing standards

  • Define Objectives


  • Market analysis and distribution chains

  • Risk analysis

  • Strengths Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) Analysis

  • Evaluate expectations

  • Costs and efforts analysis


  • Communication plan

  • Strategy definition

  • Roadmap definition

  • Collaboration structure agreement

  • Project budget agreements

  • Define contributions


  • Materialize distribution contract

  • Deploy resources

  • Commercial development

  • Field tests with clients

  • Results monitoring


  • PO award

  • Supply execution

  • Inventory management

  • Strategic alliances with complementary local services

  • After-sales service

  • Diversification of clients and markets


Duncan Scott
CEO - Australia

Grant Jones
COO - Australia

Chris Henderson
Director - Asia /Australia

Samantha Blundell
Office Manager - Australia


Duncan is a Director and business entrepreneur, holds an Operations and Logistics Engineering degree, and a Business Administration Diploma from the University of Queensland.

With over 10 years’ experience in the mining industry, he has broad expertise in setting up complex supply chains to serve mining clients across Australia, Chile and the Asia Pacific region. With a strong purpose towards collaboration and building business ventures that create value for customers, Duncan understands the importance of human relationships and aligning interests for different stakeholders.


Duncan cares for the environment and the sustainability of mining being a thought leader on ESG metrics to drive improvement.

Grant is a mechanical engineer with 30 years of mining experience working for the largest miners in the world across a number of commodities. Working  for various  functions within open cut and underground  mines including maintenance, asset management, emerging market sourcing and project management. Other experiences supporting mining companies has been manufacturing, project management, business improvement  and supply chain development consulting. Grants strengths are engineering specification and evaluation, quality assurance, project management,

asset management ,  business improvement and Plant Maintenance ERP systems.

Chris Henderson is a Director, holds a Bachelor of Engineering and an MBA from the University of Queensland, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


An early career in consumer durables led to senior management positions in the UK and China. Most notably he managed the transfer of production from the UK to China, resulting in a move to China in 2003 to establish the Global R&D Centre for Hoover Europe SDA. He was then recruited to run Product and Procurement for an Australian retailer, Godfreys, successfully redesigning and diversifying procurement and the supply chain. In 2011 he moved to lead a commercial equipment company from Hong Kong, including the global production network, establishing an Asia sales team and commissioning new production capacity to support global expansion.


Returning to Australia in 2013 he has been working with clients to redesign sourcing, procurement and supply chains, and is a director in 3 early stage technology companies. He lives in Brisbane, Australia and retains a strong international network and passion for the people and locations he was worked.

Samantha is a degree qualified teacher with many years’ experience in adult and children’s  education. Samantha has also been formally trained in technical drafting with experience in house and interior design. A change in career has taken Samantha into becoming  an author, publisher, editor, interior designer and a company accounts manager. Samantha has spent a number of years managing account keeping and tax preparation for not for profit organisations, family trusts and private companies. Samantha’s strengths are writing, editing, account keeping , organisation of tax affairs, house and interior design.


Minetec is a Chilean company dedicated to the design and manufacture of components for mining equipment. Their products include dump bodies, buckets, and dozer blades.

PMP is a distributor in Australia


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Guy Barroilhet
General Manager

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Juan Coz
Operations & Logistics 

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Isidora Barros
 Finances Expert 

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Paula Belmar
Marketing Coordinator 

Guy is a Mining Engineer from PUC, Chile, and an MBA from U.Q, Australia.
Guy started his career as a M&A Engineer in Antofagasta Minerals, where he was part of the team leading the 50% stake acquisition of the Zaldívar mine in Chile, Guy then moved to the start-up world and joined Aguamarina, a Biotech company focused in solving environmental challenges of the mining industry.
During this period, Guy collaborated in the strategic plan, negotiated a capital investment from the VC firm Khosla Ventures (US), and a first multi-year contract with BHP in Chile.
During 2019 Guy studied in Australia and collaborated with METS companies, such as Process IQ and Pacific Mining Parts.
Guy has a strong focus on continuous improvement and strategic business development with a sense of teamwork and open communication.

Juan is an Internal Combustion Engines Mechanic and logistics businessman. In the past Juan founded a logistics and truck company, transporting fresh
perishable berries, managing the complete chain logistic, from the farm, through packing processes to port delivery.
Later, Juan founded Masmetal, a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of high performance and highly specialized semi-trailers for the
mining industry.
Juan has over 15 years of experience exporting and importing goods, including ports and logistics, documentation processes and handling, shipping reservations, customs, international taxation and distribution, warehousing and stock control. Juan always looks forward to innovate and optimize the logistics behind international trade businesses, with a strong team philosophy of doing things.

Isidora is a Business and Economist graduate from PUC, Chile. She began his professional development as a Controller Analyst in the banking industry overseeing creation and controlling of budget and forecast. Later migrated to a broader position in a non-profit foundation with focus on Administration and Finance.

After 8 years of experience in budget control, planning and general Administration she co-founded ASAP Consultancies where they provide administrative and financial advisory services to different companies in various fields.

Is committed to optimizing business processes and improving reporting to add value to the organization while collaborating with other -areas and promoting effective communication.

Paula is a 

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