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C2G Energy Management revolutionizes energy solutions for the mining industry, optimizing operations and reducing costs while minimizing environmental impact.


C2G is an Australian company providing fuel consumption and energy management solutions to mining operations. C2G innovative hardware and software products save resources and time, which in turn optimises productivity and profitability.

PMP is a distributor in Chile.


MAESTRO DIGITAL MINE is a Canadian company, manufacturing industrial internet of things (IIOT) devices and last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector. Maestro air monitoring products and solutions deliver worker safety and productivity improvements while reducing the mines energy and greenhouse gas footprint.

 PMP is a distributor in Chile.


Transform your mining operations with MAESTRO Digital Mine, the leading industry solution for optimized productivity and safety
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Minetec is a Chilean company founded in 2007, which aims to deliver products and operational solutions for the extraction, removal, and transportation fields for the mining and construction industries.

Minetec's main objective is the constant improvement of customer satisfaction. Based on delivering products with a high degree of quality, as well as offering continuous support services including on-site service.

PMP is a distributor in Australia.

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