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Our Policies


Pacific Mining Parts also known collective PMP Group (the “Company”) recognises that the work health and safety of all workers, contractors, stakeholders and visitors in all jurisdictions we operate, is of the utmost importance and an integral part of our success. As such we have a primary duty of care to ensure the work health and safety of all persons at the workplace.




This policy applies to all related companies under governance of PMP Group, their employees, contractors, and stakeholders in all jurisdictions the Company operates in.




Through the participative and co-operative efforts of management and workers, we are committed to:-

  • complying with all applicable work health and safety laws and regulations in all      jurisdictions we operate in.

  • foster a culture of shared responsibility for health and safety practices,                           providing  a safe environment for all workers and visitors to our workplace

  • providing and maintaining buildings, facilities, equipment, and plant in safe                  working condition

  • maintaining open and transparent channels of communication to ensure all              workers, contractors, visitors and stakeholders are provided with the latest                  health and safety information.

  • providing and supporting the on-going training and assessment of workers,                instructions, and supervision.

  • developing, implementing, and monitoring appropriate and applicable safe                work practices for all workplace activities, including the safe use, handling and          storage of plant, structures and substances.

  • continuously strive to improve the standards of workplace health and safety              through regular review, audit, and evaluation of our policies, procedures, and            practices This includes identifying and mitigating workplace hazards, and                  continuously assess and monitor workplaces within its control to manage risk.

  • where our people work on customers properties, as a minimum we will comply          with the Customers Health and Safety systems and procedures.




Management must lead by example, ensuring that Work Health and Safety policies and procedures are followed and maintained at both the Company’s site and a customer site.


Employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders are responsible for their safety, as well as the safety of their colleagues. They should report unsafe conditions and cooperate in creating a safe work environment. 




The Company is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to Work Health and Safety in all jurisdictions it operates in. The Company firmly believes that a strong commitment to Work Health and Safety is fundamental to our success and the well-being of all those who interact with our us.

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